Dog Super Senses

Dog Super Senses

It’s not news that dogs have a super duper sense of smell! But they also have super hero quality hearing

Physiological details for smell

Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors, while humans only have six million. That’s a whopping 25 times as many receptors, making their smelling ability about one hundred thousand times stronger than a human’s. In the dog’s brain, the area devoted to analyzing smells is forty time larger than the same area in humans! That’s some intense sniffing brain processing going on! Also a dog sniffs differently than humans do. A dog has a whole area inside their nose devoted just to processing odors on the wind. Some of the air they inhale doesn’t even go to their lungs, about twelve percent. This air goes into a special area dedicated to smell processing.

Which breeds can smell the best?

The Beagle, Basset Hound, and Bloodhound have the world’s best sense of smell. In one study, a mouse was put into a field. The Beagle found it in one minute. The next closest contender was the Fox Terrier…at fifteen minutes! Bloodhounds are famous for their sniffer. All of the folds in their face and those big ears stir up even the faintest whiffs of odor. The Bloodhound also has enormous nasal passages. They can track a person even when the trail is several says cold.


Dogs also have super hearing abilities. A dog can hear frequencies of sound about twice that of humans. There is a reason dogs react to noises humans can’t even hear. Dogs can hear well above the frequencies of sound humans can hear. Dogs can also distinguish sounds at four times the distance a human can. This makes them super heroes with super senses! Dogs also have eighteen muscles that control their ears, allowing them to use them like radar antenna, scanning to better hear the noise that caught their attention.