Dogs The Survived the Sinking of the Titanic

Dogs The Survived the Sinking of the Titanic

There were 2,223 passengers aboard the Titanic and only 721 people survived. Among the survivors were three dogs. The dogs were all very small, so it’s likely no one even noticed them when they were brought aboard the life boats.

What breed of dogs survived?

They were all small breed dogs. Two survivors were Pomeranians and one was a Pekinese. These dogs were small enough to be smuggled off the ship during the evacuation. One of the Pomeranians was named “Lady.” She was owned by a wealthy woman from Paris. When she evacuated, she wrapped the dog in a blanket and smuggled her on to the lifeboats. Another Pomeranian was owned by the Rothschilds. The Pekinese was owned by the Harper family, as in Harper publishing. Only wealthy passengers could bring dogs on board. Several people kept their dogs with them, but most kept their dogs in the ship’s kennel.

One sad story

One sad story was of a woman who had brought her Great Dane along with her on the voyage. She went to visit her dog every day in the kennel. When she was ordered to evacuate, she asked to bring her dog with her, but was told the dog was too big. She got off the life boat and went and got her dog. Several days later the body of a woman holding on to a dog was recovered. It’s believed to be the same woman.

All of the passengers who had their dogs insured filed claims and were paid out. One passenger received three hundred dollars for the loss of his two dogs who were on board. Among the breeds on board there was an Airdale, a French Bulldog, a King Charles Spaniel, a Fox Terrier, a Great Dane, a couple of Pomeranians, and a Pekinese.